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Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint


At the International Convention Center of Barcelona (CCIB) we have a firm commitment to the protection of the environment. In this sense, since 2009 we are pioneers in the calculation and compensation of the carbon footprint derived from our own activity. The emissions generated are fully compensated through the purchase of carbon credits (VER) in different projects, in accordance with the standards of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In 2020, in order to offset the 2019 emissions, we have collaborated with the project "Darica Hydro Power Plant", located in Turkey and based on the generation of hydro power. You can get more information about this project in this link.

To take a step forward, we want to offer all the participants the possibility of calculating and compensating the CO2 emissions generated during their trip to the event that takes place in our facilities.

The CCIB and the sum of the efforts of all attendees will help to reinforce the fight against climate change that is so affecting our planet.

For any question: sustainability@ccib.es


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